Unlocking The Secrets Of HTC Cell Phones

Published: 01st February 2010
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Carrying cases and belt clips rank among the most common of all cellular accessories, though some of them are less than common. But the most overlooked accessory of all is likely to have been overlooked because it's from not necessarily from the names like Verizon cell phones and HTC cell phones! That is really to say that it's been overlooked because it isn't an object that goes with a phone but a service that's performed on one. But before you think that this is just a game of semantics, first remember what it means to accessorize something, anything. Doesn't it involve helping you to use that something better, somehow enhancing your overall experience? Well, unlock your Verizon cell phones, which is more act than accessory, and you will enhance your experience better than any accessory! For much more than any carrying case or belt clip, unlocking your HTC cell phones is the ultimate in cellular accessories, in this sense: the one true must-have of them all!

It's too bad that many service carriers program their GSM phones in such a way that they won't work with SIM cards from another carrier. Unlocking your HTC cell phones means to overwrite this programming. But what if your service carrier minds? Well, it's not likely: besides some kind of stipulation in your contract that charges you with never altering your phone in any way, ever, it's your phone. You own it! And even given such a clause, you can probably still unlock your phone, as your carrier makes money whether the phone is locked or unlocked. Besides, you probably wouldn't try to unlock your phone in the first place unless you were switching to another carrier, like Verizon cell phones - in which case the old one doesn't matter! Just be sure to keep any unlocking codes for future reference, as there has been at least one report of a carrier actually relocking a phone - even though it wasn't even one that had been issued by the provider!

You can check if your phone is already unlocked just by inserting another SIM card into it. Nokia phones are usually unlocked through codes that can be purchased very cheaply, but entering secret codes yourself is only one way to unlock a GSM phone. Some will require a firmware rewrite, also known as reflashing, and the phone must be sent to a company that has the special hardware necessary to reprogram it. Not all companies can service all makes and models of cell phones, so be sure to first check and see that your particular phone can be reflashed by the company!


Article written by Paul Wise, after extensive research on Verizon Cell Phones. If you are in the market for HTC Cell Phones, Paul recommends visiting CellKraze.com. They offer a great selection and wonderful service.

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