The Sennheiser MX400 Headgear Review

Published: 05th October 2011
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Sennheiser is a small, privately owned German company that produces a very wide range of high quality audio accessories for both casual and professional use, ranging from speakers, to microphones, to headphones - even headsets designed for online gaming on Xbox 360, for example. Founded in 1945, the company is now notable for its variety of purpose, designing high-fidelity audio hardware for use in studio or stage performances, as well as modest consumer electronics for the average listener. Sennheiser headphones are particularly popular.

Take for example the Sennheiser CX300; high-end, in-ear earphones that offer crisp, powerful bass driven audio superior in quality to what you are likely to find in more moderately priced earbuds. Like many brands of earphones, like Skullcandy for example, they come with three different sizes of ear adaptors - the rubber fixtures inserted directly into the ear - so as to fit properly for the utmost in comfort, as well as to create a seal between the inner ear and the headphones themselves, eliminating ambient noise pollution.

This allows the crisp, evenly layered audio to perform without one having to worry about outside intrusion, or loss of definition and possible health concerns at the increased volumes otherwise needed to drown out background noise. Another neat feature is the asymmetrical cord, which is designed so that one earbud is wrapped around the back of the head, reducing the length of cord left dangling in front of the wearer, meaning less risk of snags or accidentally damaging the headphones.

In fact, Sennheiser products often feature unique little features like the asymmetrical cord. Another good example is the Sennheiser MX400. Like all products, it features excellent bass output with crisp clear sound that isn't easily distorted, and the buds themselves are designed to all but eliminate outside noise interference. Most unique though is the Sennheiser MX400's wind-up case. Whereas most headphones are extremely prone to becoming tangled and knotted even just by way of sitting in one's pocket (so much so that there is even a Facebook group for the issue), the MX400 has a 3 foot retractable cord that is anchored to a case that will neatly spool the wire safely around an encased wheel when not in use, making for better ease of use and storage.

Sennheiser even offers a more rugged, sport utility model of earphones with the Sennheiser PMX70. Instead of two separate earbuds tethered to a single cord, each speaker is fixed to an ergonomic neckband, designed to be worn around the back of the head. Angled ear hooks that wrap around the top of the ear so as to insert the buds from the front further help to keep these earphones firmly anchored to your head. An exceptionally long cord and water resistance only cement this model's place as Sennheiser's optimal earphones for sports and outdoor activity where strenuous movement would easily jostle other types of headphones loose, potentially damaging them.


Article by Paul Wise. Paul often uses a Sennheiser MX400 headgear and thus recommends for similar reviews and advantageous advice on items like the Sennheiser MX400.

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