The Nokia 2720: "Smartphone Lite"

Published: 13th April 2010
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The Nokia 2720 Fold is an entry-level clamshell cell phone aimed at emerging markets. As part of the company's long-term strategic vision, Nokia is producing cell phones for the developing world with some of the robust feature-set typically found in smartphones. These "smartphones lite" may be the bridge between regular cellular phones and Personal Digital Assistant, or PDA, styled phones. Can true convergence be far behind when even the poorest of the world will be able to snap photos and conduct video calling from virtually anywhere?

The 2720 Fold has a shiny mirrored exterior that is available with black or red color accent schemes. It sports a main internal screen of 1.8 inches at 128x160 with a smaller screen on the outside. This outer screen is obscured and hidden, only coming to life when announcing a call or through some kind of user interaction. It is used for conveying simple information like the time and available signal strength without having to flip or slide open the whole phone up. This external secondary display measures 1.36 inches, again with a TFT screen resolution of 128x160. It is monochrome, whereas the primary is capable of up to sixty-four thousand colors.

There is also a 1.3 megapixel camera, and of course the obligatory built-in FM stereo radio. The 2720 Fold offers Bluetooth 2.0 compatibility, with audio piped in through a standard 2.5mm jack. Preinstalled software includes an e-mail client and web browser. Nokia's very own Ovi Mail allows users to sign up on the phone without the use of a computer, making it possible to attend to all your e-mail using only the 2720 Fold from now on! In some service areas, the Fold will also ship with Nokia Life Tools already on board, which provides access to useful information services without having to log onto the internet first. Otherwise, its glossy attractive exterior only masks an otherwise basic entry-level cell phone on the inside. However, on balance the overall package should appeal to Nokia's intended target demographic, particularly the included suite of basic "PDA lite" applications.

Dual-band versions are available, depending again on the service area: a 900/1800 MHz variant and an 850/1900 MHz one. They all support GPRS and EDGE data transfer, but unfortunately not at 3G speeds. Battery life is officially rated at five hours talk and sixteen days for standby. The 2720 Fold retail box should include the phone, a battery and charger, as well as the manual.


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