Stylish Anti-Cancer Swimwear

Published: 12th April 2011
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Anti cancer swimwear sounds like a miracle technology, conjuring ideas of a garment that would either help to alleviate cancer or outright prevent it. Unfortunately, this isn't true. However, one-piece swimsuits can, in a roundabout manner, be called anti cancer swimwear. The key to understanding why is to understand how cancer works - specifically, skin cancer. The short answer is that over exposure to UV radiation in sunlight can increase the chances of, or ultimately cause any number of various types of skin cancer. In addition to preventing sun burn, this is why we apply sun screen before an afternoon out on the beach. But this type of modest swimwear helps accordingly.

There are three types of skin cancer that are most common: basal cell cancer, squamous cell cancer, and melanoma. The first two are most common, however only .6% of those cases are ever fatal, whereas melanoma, though much less common, is fatal in up to 20% of cases, accounting for 75% of all skin cancer related deaths. BCC and SCC are caused by direct DNA damage inflicted by UVB radiation, or direct, prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight.

Melanoma on the other hand is inflicted by indirect DNA damage, where the UV radiation itself does not damage to tissue so much as the tissue's reaction itself, harming nearby cells. Since sunscreen primarily protects against UVB radiation - the primary cause of sunburn - it can easily ward off BCC and SCC, while the skin is still largely unprotected against the primary cause of melanoma: UVA radiation. But since 97-99% of the radiation in sunlight is UVA, this is not surprising. Therefore, while protecting mainly against UVB radiation, sunscreen may inadvertently result in more UVA exposure. Ultimately, sun screen cannot protect against all types of sun damage or fully prevent skin cancer.

However, simply covering the skin from sunlight can. This is where "anti cancer swimwear" comes in. Since a piece of material goes a long way in physically obstructing sunlight from contacting the skin, and many bathing suits, including "anti cancer swimwear", are comprised of materials with some degree of SPF protection, swimwear can be quite effective in protecting one's skin. Obviously, the degree of protection is determined by the size of the suit, so any effective "anti cancer swimwear" is going be a modest, one piece swim suit, covering up far much skin area than would a bikini.

Though typically reserved for Muslims seeking modesty for religious reasons, the expansive, nearly fully body coverage of Burquinis more than fit the bill. In order to comply with the Islamic standards of modesty expected of women, Burquinis cover nearly the entire body, except for the hands, feet, and face. Ignoring for a moment all the social, political, and religious significance of such garments, it is inarguable that they protect more against sunlight and skin damage than any other type of swimwear.


Article by Paul Wise. When it comes to Anti Cancer Swimwear Paul recommends for useful and advantageous modest swimwear details

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